Calls for projects

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Horizon 2020

Call - Energy Efficiency Call 2016-2017

1. Heating and Cooling

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
EE1Waste heat recovery from urban facilities and re-use to increase energy efficiency of district or individual heating and cooling systems 19 January 2017IA 
EE2Improving the performance of inefficient district heating networks 7 June 2017CSA 
EE3Standardised installation packages integrating renewable and energy efficiency solutions for heating, cooling and/or hot water preparation21 January 2016IA 
EE4New heating and cooling solutions using low grade sources of thermal energy21 January 2016RIA 
EE5Models and tools for heating and cooling mapping and planning 21 January 2016RIA 

2. Engaging consumers towards sustainable energy 

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
EE6Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy15 September 2016CSA 
EE7Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT21 January 2016IA 
EE8Socio-economic research on consumer's behaviour related to energy efficiency 21 January 2016RIA 
EE9Engaging and activating public authorities15 September 2016CSA


3. Buildings

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
EE10Supporting accelerated and cost-effective deep renovation of buildings through Public Private Partnership (EeB PPP) 21 January 2016IA 
EE11Overcoming market barriers and promoting deep renovation of buildings 15 September 2016CSA 
EE12Integration of Demand Response in Energy Management Systems while ensuring interoperability through Public Private Partnership (EeB PPP) 19 January 2017IA 
EE13Cost reduction of new Nearly Zero-Energy buildings15 September 2016CSA
EE14Construction skills 15 September 2016CSA


4. Industry, services and products

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
EE15Increasing capacities for actual implementation of energy efficiency measures in industry and services7 June 2017CSA 
EE16Effective implementation of EU product efficiency legislation15 September 2016CSA 
EE17Valorisation of waste heat in industrial systems (SPIRE PPP) 21 January 2016IA 
EE18Energy efficiency of industrial parks through energy cooperation and mutualised energy services7 June 2017CSA 
EE19Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for energy efficiency7 June 2017PPI 
EE20Bringing to market more energy efficient and integrated data centres19 January 2017IA 
EE21ERA-NET Cofund actions supporting Joint Actions towards increasing energy efficiency in industry and services 15 September 2016ERA-NET Cofund


5. Innovative financing for energy efficiency investments

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
EE22Project Development Assistance 15 September 2016CSA 
EE23Innovative financing schemes7 June 2017CSA 
EE24Making the energy efficiency market investible15 September 2016CSA 
EE25Development and roll-out of innovative energy efficiency services 15 September 2016CSA






Call - Competitive low-carbon energy

1. Towards an integrated EU energy system

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE1Next generation innovative technologies enabling smart grids, storage and energy system integration with increasing share of renewables: distribution network5 April 2016RIA 
LCE2Demonstration of smart grid, storage and system integration technologies with increasing share of renewables: distribution system5 April 2016IA 
LCE3Support to R&I strategy for smart grid and storage5 April 2016CSA 
LCE4Demonstration of smart transmission grid, storage and system integration technologies with increasing share of renewables 14 February 2017IA
LCE5Tools and technologies for coordination and integration of the European energy system 14 February 2017RIA


2. Renewable energy technologies

Developing the new generation of renewable energy technologies

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE6New knowledge and technologies5 January 2017RIA 
LCE7Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling16 February 2016RIA 
LCE8Development of next generation biofuel technologies 16 February 2016RIA


Demonstrating innovative renewable energy technologies

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE9Increasing the competitiveness of the EU PV manufacturing industry8 September 2016IA 
LCE10Reducing the cost of PV electricity7 September 2017IA 
LCE11Near-to-market solutions for reducing the water consumption of CSP Plants7 September 2017IA
LCE12Near-to-market solutions for the use of solar heat in industrial processes 7 September 2017IA
LCE13Solutions for reduced maintenance, increased reliability and extended life-time of off-shore wind turbines/farms 8 September 2016IA
LCE14Demonstration of large >10MW wind turbine7 September 2017IA
LCE15Scaling up in the ocean energy sector to arrays8 September 2016IA
LCE162nd Generation of design tools for ocean energy devices and arrays development and deployment 7 September 2017IA
LCE17Easier to install and more efficient geothermal systems for retrofitting buildings7 September 2017IA
LCE18EGS in different geological conditions7 September 2017IA
LCE19Demonstration of the most promising advanced biofuel pathways8 September 2016IA
LCE20Enabling pre-commercial production of advanced aviation biofuel 8 September 2016IA


Supporting the market uptake of renewable energy technologies

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE21Market uptake of renewable energy technologies5 January 2017CSA



Fostering international cooperation in the area of renewable energy

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE22International Cooperation with Brazil on advanced lignocellulosic biofuels 8 September 2016RIA 
LCE23International Cooperation with Mexico on geothermal energy16 February 2016RIA




3. Enabling the decarbonisation of the use of fossil fuels during the transition to a low-carbon economy

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE24International Cooperation with South Korea on new generation highefficiency capture processes 16 February 2016RIA 
LCE25Utilisation of captured CO2 as feedstock for the process industry 16 February 2016RIA 
LCE26Cross-thematic ERA-NET on Applied Geosciences5 April 2016ERA-NET Cofund 
LCE27Measuring, monitoring and controlling the risks of CCS, EGS and unconventional hydrocarbons in the subsurface5 January 2017RIA 
LCE28Highly flexible and efficient fossil fuel power plants 5 January 2017RIA 
LCE29CCS in industry, including Bio-CCS 5 January 2017RIA 
LCE30Geological storage pilots 5 January 2017RIA


4. Social, economic and human aspects of the energy system

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE31Social Sciences and Humanities Support for the Energy Union16 February 2016RIA 
LCE32European Platform for energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities research5 April 2016CSA


5. Supporting the development of a European research area in the field of energy

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE33European Common Research and Innovation Agendas (ECRIAs) in support of the implementation of the SET Action Plan 5 April 2016RIA 
LCE34Joint Actions towards the demonstration and validation of innovative energy solutions5 April 2016ERA-NET Cofund 
LCE35Framework Partnership Agreement supporting Joint Actions towards the demonstration and validation of innovative energy solutions8 September 2016Framework Partnership Agreement


6. Cross-cutting issues

IDCall topicDeadlineAction type 
LCE36Support to the energy stakeholders to contribute to the SET-Plan16 February 2016CSA
IDCall topicDeadlineAction type EE1